EnerWorks Spectrum Pre-Heat Appliance

Used in home and small commercial applications, the EnerWorks Spectrum Pre-Heat Appliance is a reliable year-round solar water heater, offsetting greenhouse gas emissions and saving money on your energy bill. The Spectrum Pre-Heat Appliance uses free solar energy to heat water, becoming your primary source of hot water. If necessary, your existing water heater heats the water during periods of low solar radiation or at night, so you are never without hot water.

The Spectrum Pre-Heat Appliances include one to four attractive EnerWorks HeatSafe Collectors which resemble skylights and can be roof, wall or rack-mounted to ensure optimal solar energy capture. The freeze-protected fluid in the collectors channels the heat to the EnerWorks Energy Station, attached to the solar storage tank, typically located in your utility room. Within the Energy Station, the heat is transferred to your water, ready to meet your hot water needs. The EnerWorks Spectrum Pre-Heat Appliance can also be configured to provide secondary applications such as pool heating and space heating.

How It Works (pdf)
Fact Sheet (pdf)