EnerWorks Spectrum Single Tank Appliance

Used in residential and small commercial applications, the EnerWorks Spectrum Single Tank Appliance is the perfect solution where floor space is at a premium. This solar water heater is a reliable year-round water heater and comes with one or two EnerWorks HeatSafe collectors which captures free solar energy to heat your water. This hot water is stored in a single tank which combines solar storage and electric auxiliary in one space-saving unit. The electric auxiliary is required only when the available solar energy is not sufficient to meet the demand, again ensuring that you are never without hot water.

EnerWorks HeatSafe Collectors resemble skylights and can be roof, wall or rack-mounted to ensure optimal solar energy capture. The freeze-protected fluid in the collectors channels the heat to the EnerWorks Energy Station, attached to the storage tank. Within the Energy Station, the heat is transferred to your water, ready to meet your hot water needs. The EnerWorks Spectrum Single Tank Appliance can also be configured to provide secondary applications such as pool heating and space heating.

How it Works (pdf)
Fact Sheet (pdf)