PSG Distribution 6500 Series Oil Fired Heater

Elaborate requirements to meet? Don't compromise. Use a 6500 Series commercial and industrial oil fired heater.

The 6500 Series oil fired heater provides worry-free heating using an automatic operation management system controlled burner.

  • Easy installation joined to an optional wall vent requires no chimney
  • Durability through a "Pyrolite" refractory material covered furnace
  • Optimal combustion by sealed air intake leading to burner
  • Installation convenience with choice of suspension or base mount


90 000 BTU/H
Output 75 060 BTU/H (83.4%)
Burner BECKETT AFG (with programmable prepurge and postpurge controller)
Nozzle 0.65 GPH 80°W DELAVAN
Pump Pressure 100 lb/po2 (lb/in2)
Air Displacement 1750 CFM
Flue Pipe Diameter 5'' (12.7 cm)
Fan Diameter 16'' (statically balanced)
Net Weight 190 lb (86 kg)
Motor RPM 1075
Motor HP 1/6