PSG Distribution Caddy Central Heating Oil/Wood Furnace

The Caddy Furnace is the first high efficiency central heating wood furnace meeting the advanced standards concerning the reduction of particles and smoke spills in the air. The Caddy is also available in a wood/oil or wood/electric configuration that makes it a much more versatile and entirely autonomous central heating system.


  • Optimal combustion oxygenation
  • Continuous high temperature
  • Wood-efficient (73%)
  • High-performance heat exchangers
  • Stainless steel oxygenation tubing 16 g
  • Low environmental emission

Conveniences Include: EPA certified, glass door, self-cleaning glass at high temperature, and front panel for cleaning heat exchangers.


Width 26'' (66 cm)
Height 47'' (120 cm)
Depth 48'' (122 cm)
Weight 560 lb (254 kg)
Heating Capacity 140 000 BTU/H
Lasting Time 4 to 8 hours
Area 900 to 1650 ft2 
Flue Pipe* 6'' (15 cm)
Chimney 7'' (18 cm)
Blower Motor 1/3 HP DD
Blower DD-10 CFM 1300