PSG Distribution Dragon Oil Heater

Beautifies Any Room - The Baby Dragon oil heater is a subtle blend of elegance, finesse and luxury. A textured finish available in many colours; 24K gold or chromium-plated trimmings; yellow flame burner; and a fully glazed front gives free rein to one’s imagination. So, imagine...

Easy Control and Maintenance - The Dragon Baby is equipped with a 6-position regulator and is offered with such options as rheostat fan, thermodisk and thermostat for your ultimate comfort. The Baby Dragon leaves very little behind The Baby Dragon’s astonishingly clean combustion and unquestionably easy maintenance are legendary.

Convinence - A gravity feeder and a cooking surface leave you self-sufficient during power failures.

Efficient - A stainless steel lining provides additional combustion chamber protection against the Baby Dragon’s legendary fire.


Dragon Oil #1 Oil #2
Maximum power at input
45 630 43 000
Minimum power at input
21 250 19 900
Minimum debit 0.13 gal/h
(0.58 l/h)
0.12 gal/h
(0.54 l/h)
Maximum debit 0.28 gal/h
(1.26 l/h)
0.26 gal/h
(1.17 l/h)
Fan efficiency (%) 75.5% 75%
Flue pipe size 5'' (127 mm) 5'' (127 mm)